Some Family Histories from Southeastern Pennsylvania

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   Have a look at some of my family histories.
   Years ago a much earlier version of this material appeared as tree 5671 on Vol. 1 of the FTM Family Tree CDs, from whence it has propagated.
   You will find portions of this material here and there on the web.

   Take a look at some folks. There are some from Reading around the turn of the century, as well as some from Frostburg MD.
   See if you recognize any.

   Despite their romantic heritage, no one travels by them much anymore.  Compared to other accident types, their fatality count seems low to us today.
   This was not always the case.  Several of my relatives were involved in railway accidents.  They never won.
   I have linked RTF files replicating contemporary newspaper stories about two of them, one in Reading (6.4k), PA and the other in Frostburg (35.5k), MD.
   Also, you may look at a map of the Maryland site (47K) - Close the window to return.

   Here are some standard and off-beat links - genealogical and others.

   The formation of other counties from Lancaster County.

   Read some short - very short - "Tales of My Youth and Some Other Times."

   A genealogical joke from my favorite cartoonist. (73 kb file, down load time about 25 seconds with a 28.8 modem).  

   Another genealogical cartoon from my other favorite cartoonist (23 kb file, down load time about 8 seconds with a 28.8 modem.

   A few links of interest to TMG users

   If you happen to run DeLorme Street Atlas 8, here is a file which will (when opened in SA8) show the locations of a bunch of cemeteries,
   mostly in Pennsylvania

   My review of some of the attractions in Bellevue, probably the greatest small town in the world.,

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   A Photograph of me. (48 kb file, down load time about 15 seconds with a 28.8 modem)

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