Some Family Histories from Southeastern Pennsylvania

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The Wenger Family from Lebanon County Page.  

The Pennsylvania Families of:
Hanß Jacob Bößhaar (c1647-1719) - This surname is most commonly "Bashore."
Hans Bucher (1681-1762),
Matheus Frantz (c1660- ?),
Andreas Fuchs (c1695-1783),
Johann George Hantsch (1690-1754),
Hans Jacob Kettenring (c1570-1615),
Johann Heinrich Rhein (c1700-1754),
Daniel Stauffer (c1685-a1718),
Chrisian Wenger (c1580-?), and
Christopher Wittman(c1700-1777).
  These are mainly from Berks, Lebanon, and Lancaster Counties.  You will find some parts of these files fairly well documented, others not so well.  Many people contributed to the materials here.    Barbara Henritze, Daniel Lee Wenger, whose page is linked above, and The Kettering Book by Catron (of which I have yet to see the third edition, if you have one you would care to sell, please write), are among them.  Lorrain Frantz Edwards has done extensive research on the Frantz family of Berks County.  Her page is at the moment unaccessible, but will be added later.  And, of course, the help of my brother Fritz, whose many trips to Reading have been invaluable, must be acknowledged.

Two Maryland families with descendents in Pennsylvania. The lines of
Werner Schneider (c1700-1767) and
Henricus Eichhorn (c1785-c1832).
Much of the material on these lines comes from the work of Mary Carrera.

Some loose ends in my data. If you recognize any of these people (there are 43).  PLEASE PLEASE send me the information at or use the reply form on the front page.  Thanks in advance for any help you m·ght be able to provide.

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